Common Unity (C.U.) is a non profit Art organisation working with communities to increase cohesion and empowerment in order to seek solutions to their local issues. Utilising the power of Art and music and performance, our immersive workshops and festival are designed to educate on ecological resilience and Commons principles, while working towards community land ownership.

We help nurture the local social and ecological ecosystem through catalysing collaboration between residents skills, public spaces and local natural resources, strengthening Civic engagement across a neighbourhood. Collectively we take a closer step towards a Tangible *Eutopia. *A place of ideal well-being.

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

R. Buckminster Fuller

We see the depredation of society as an interwoven matrix of issues. We take inspiration from philosophies including Deep Ecology and Ecology of Mind, which gives us a holistic view of how, side-by-side with communities, we can seek and apply solutions to the social, ecological, economic break-down in a range of geographical contexts; City, Desert, Forest.

 We are at a tipping point in time where the afore mentioned ideologies and practices urgently need expediting into the mainstream sphere, in order to positively shape Civil society and climate justice, which is most profoundly and effectively done through culture. Our events then, create space as ‘rehearsal for the real’, affording various liberties within this temporary, playful space to experiment with ideas and strategies for longer term community solutions.

“Now we must learn to judge a society more by its sounds, by its art, and by its festivals, than by its statistics. By listening to noise, we can better understand where the folly of men and their calculations is leading us, and what hopes it is still possible to have.” - - Jacques Attali - Noise: The Political Economy of Music