Artist in Residence

Developing my individual art practice's in photography, music, writing + live art in the context of retreats + residencies, is a primary aspect of Common Unity's self-educating structure, allowing time out to create work, which can become cultural currency with which to collaborate + exchange ideas with other Artist's + thinkers while utilising mediums that unite us all.



'Performing Landscapes' 

Peter McMaster x LADA x SSW

Performing Landscape is a 5 night and 4 day professional development retreat designed to allow Artist's from all disciplines to engage with eco-centric approaches to performance making. Hosted by the Scottish Sculpture Workshop in the Aberdeenshire Highlands, the outdoor work will enquire into the potential for the natural landscape to be seen as collaborator in performance making practice. How can we shift the perspective from ourselves to ourselves with ‘other’ when it comes to being an artist? How far can this definition of ‘other’ extend? How can our approach be influenced by the nature of a river system? What can a nesting pair of birds tell us about collaboration, and what do we see of ourselves in all of this?

Screen Shot 2018-07-23 at 16.08.52.png


Grow Eco-Pod

Grow Hackney x Studio Bark

This August I will be 'Grow Eco Pod' Artist in Residence, experimenting with the limitations of SPACE, in 'WHAT CAN THE POD BECOME?' I will also continue developing this art + sustainability platform. - taking off the Capitalist straight-jacket to co-create a 'tangible utopia'!” 

The space’s primary use will be as a classroom with open for community access, for research on subjects from Permaculture, Socially engaged Art, gift Economy to Governance systems, while developing my own art practices in music, photography, live art which will culminate in curating community Festival COMMUNE.