Commons Songbook is a place specific collection of songs. An Artist resident has the opportunity to co-produce music directly with a community, where songs then become a common resource, generating revenue that goes back into their needs, not private industries.

A series of workshops in public and private spaces across the area will aim to deconstruct ‘othering’ by using the central theme of home, to discuss individual and collective identities - held in warehouse to forest, collaging field recordings curated into soundtracks, while collected conversations turn into lyrics, altogether forming a sonic archive of local, political music. We aim for this process to nurture empowerment as all voices are heard.

The Songbook will also invite the Artist to experiment with their creative process, disrupting the idea of individualism and self-expression perpetuated through a capitalist lens. The outcome may also open up new radical possibilities for the art form itself.

This new market of Commons Music, based on common good economic principles, will ensure we do not replicate the current exploitative industrialised model. 

We will do this by developing a circular economic system whereby an Artist will facilitate a community becoming co-producers and consumers of the music. Then, our distribution partners UJO, a decentralized platform using blockchain technology and crypto currency will enable the music revenue to go directly back into a community’s needs as opposed to private industries

Algea Rhythmns…


‘Algaerhythms’: A portmanteau of Algae; “a large, diverse group of photosynthetic organisms that are not necessarily closely related” and Rhythms "any regular recurring motion, symmetry or a movement marked by the regulated succession of strong and weak elements, or of opposite or different conditions"

A.R is a new genre and musical movement as consequence of collaged sounds, made manifest by community co-production. This a yet unknown sound, signals an antithesis to algorithmic, capitalist music created by Artificial Intelligence.

Nurtured by by The Commons, this mode and movement is to preserve a living, breathing human sonic expression.