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COMMUNE noun ˈkɒmjuːn/ ; to contemplate + converse with profound intent, exchanging thoughts + ideas. To commune with nature. 

COMMUNE is a new festival concept that adapts to serve issues + needs of a specific community. A unique collaboration arises by facilitating knowledge sharing + community building between cultural pioneers + those at the fore of the Permaculture revolution, for a time of Art, Sustainability + direct action!

The gathering will act as a catalyst for new paradigms + performance that enacts new ecologies of being together in community, offering solutions + sustainable potentials of a pos-capitalist society, co-creating a #TangibleEutopia



LOCATION: The Old Baths, Hackney Wick, London, UK

DATE: 29th September


GROW HEATHROW Community formed as protest to the Heathrow 3rd runway & part of the Transition movement, came to share insights on their sustainable solutions living off-grid. Visitors are welcome all year round to learn and support the various calls to action that arise in their fight for air quality and land justice. “For many, Goldberg included, Grow Heathrow is kind of a makeshift utopia. Community and togetherness is prioritized. There is no hierarchy and progress is made through consensus decision-making. Food is not wasted; instead, the community relies on homegrown vegetables, foraging, salvaging for discarded food, and donations from local food markets and warehouses. It exists entirely off-grid, with energy sourced from wind turbines and solar panels and structures built using sustainable methods.”

*Image Jonathan Goldberg:

*Image Jonathan Goldberg:

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Alisa Ruzavina ‘Love Bomb’ collection, hand printed using eco sustainable inks.

‘Love Bomb’ was performed as a live musical performance in collaboration with Bells, who wrote the soundtrack to the iconic fashion sculptures, based on themes including sustainability, ecology, information pollution and revolution!

[Photo Abbey Banks]


THEME: An invitation to imagine what it would look like to ‘rip it up + start again’ +  build a  sustainable desert village. 

LOCATION: Pioneer Town, Mojave Desert, CA

DATE: 8-10th December 2017

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....P.S. this is the start of this site’s life. In time, the pages will overflow with wisdom from hived minds; artist’s, philosphers' to community leaders, so do reach out + shout if yours is a gift that cast's a lens on sustainable, unified solutions to issues facing our Earth's future.

With love + blessings, Kandice.

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