“Now we must learn to judge a society more by its sounds, by its art, and by its festivals, than by its statistics. By listening to noise, we can better understand where folly of men and their calculations is leading us, and what hopes it is still possible to have.” - Jacques Attali - Noise: The Political Economy of Music

COMMUNE noun ˈkɒmjuːn/ ; to contemplate + converse with profound intent, exchanging thoughts + ideas. To commune with nature. 
COMMUNE is a new immersive festival of art, ecology and community action, to co-create sustainable ways of living with each other, nature & self-organise to find creative solutions to community needs, exploring a Tangible Eutopia as a place of ideal well-being.

We invite all to come together with each other and nature with profound intent, to catalyse a shift towards a Commons society

Through a performative lens, we will journey through the themes/streams centred on ‘Home’ personal, communal, public and planet, expressing our interconnected nature, thus aiming to uncover more holistic solutions to local and Global issues, through shared communal practices that nurture equity, unity, knowledge exchange & ecological re-skilling sessions.

We are at a unique tipping point in the Global Climate and Political crisis, which poses both threat and opportunity. Commune’s concept of creating temporary cultural spaces as ‘rehearsal for the real’, aims to equip and empower ordinary people at all ages with knowledge & skills for ecological renewal and community resilience, in-order to urgently respond to climate injustices and shape sustainable, self-sufficient communities.