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COMMUNE noun ˈkɒmjuːn/ ; to contemplate + converse with profound intent, exchanging thoughts + ideas. To commune with nature. 

The festival explores experimental art and music, Sustainability and Direct Action themes, where urban communities self-organise to find creative solutions to local issues, collaborating towards a neighbourhood where both community and the natural environment can thrive.

An immersive environment facilitates space to explore the potentials of a post-capitalist society through a performative lens, learning & applying Urban Commons & Permaculture principles; Earth care, People care, Fair share, as participants are invited to enact a Tangible Eutopia - A place of ideal wellbeing, in harmony with each other and the land.

The curated journey aims to be a catalyst for perspective shifts, utilising rituals and symbols that nurture unity including, sonic experiments, deep forest listening, common song procession occupying public space, re-skilling & a community food gathering.

A direct action plan is conceived throughout the process with found collaborators, to continue with local governance & partners post-festival.

Over time, the festival will be a common resource for any Community to download & adapt the co-designed guidelines towards their need for civic led solutions.