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COMMUNE noun ˈkɒmjuːn/ ; to contemplate + converse with profound intent, exchanging thoughts + ideas. To commune with nature. 

COMMUNE is an experimental Festival that aims to help communities gain awareness of and apply Permaculture principles of Earth care, People care, Fair share, while seeking creative solutions to local issues.

The immersive program explores ecologically focussed art, Commons Songbook, nature walks, re-skilling sessions, sonic experiments, Artist + new economy talks, as a space to explore the potentials of a post-capitalist (Commons) society through a performative lens, revealed as we collectively enact our Tangible Eutopia - A place of ideal wellbeing.

The festival format co-designed with several communities and creative collaborators, will eventually be available as common resource for a Community in any location to adapt around their own need for civic led solutions.