Ethics Policies

Our ethical policies are informed by Common Good, relational ethics and permaculture principles of earth care, people care and fair share. Our highest guiding principle is to “love our neighbour as ourselves”.



In line with care ethics, we approach our team relationships with openness towards each others emotional, psychological, physical and spiritual states, giving a safe space for a person’s holistic needs to be heard, in-order to genuinely support their well-being, personal and skill development.

-        We are committed to equitable member contribution of resource, authority and knowledge, therefore utilize the Sociocracy system of team and organizational governance.

-        We carefully, thoughtfully and sensitively consider how to respect our communal bonds, in order to foster virtuous, trusting, generous relationships. 

-        We support new forms of orgainsational and social organizing that make radical collaboration possible.



-        As an integrated part of our projects, or as a specific service, we will assist a community to articulate their own Ethical policies and were possible, translate these into songs and other artworks, to preserve and make these unwritten codes of community culture accessible, especially to newcomers.


Ecology and environment

-        Primarily inspired by Aldo Leopold’s Land Ethic, we are committed to ongoing study and learning of a range of ecological philosophies including The Three Ecologies which works towards concisely expressing what Human Kind’s moral obligation in protecting non-Human life and stewarding Land. “The land-relation is still strictly economic, entailing privileges but not obligations.” - A. Leopold, Land Ethic



Labour and Suppliers

-        Common Unity condemns Slavery, Human trafficking and forced labour either within our organisation itself or within our supply chain as it is an abuse of Human rights. We expect all of our members and suppliers to share these values.

-        We are committed to ensure we uphold the human rights of each individual we work with, therefore will train our Stewards and circle members on issues around forced labour, to ensure an organisation-wide awareness of our zero-tolerance policy and our legal and ethical responsibilities.

-        We will invest necessary resources to research the ethical policies and business activities of all partners, suppliers, in line with our ethical policies and fair share governance.

-        We will research and work with ethical and environmentally sustainable suppliers in procurement of their products and services, in line with our ethical values of Earth care and organisation aims of popularising these values.

Partnership and Collaboration

·       We consider ourselves part of the whole. This means we are committed to care for each others wellbeing, working towards a common good in-order for one and other to thrive. We do by prioritizing communal experiences and nurturing conviviality and mutual aid support across our internal and external networks; stewards, stakeholders, partners and members in our on and offline communication and events.

·       As an arts organization we are committed to furthering the sustainability, innovation and social impact of Artists. This means at every possible opportunity, we will share and create solutions to address the precarious nature of living and working as an Artist.  Where we can, we will pay above standard fee’s, offer opportunities for stable housing, residencies and other creative development through our network.

·       We will keep a database of collaborators/ contributors & co-authors to honor in writing and when distributing resources for their value contribution i.e time and labour.

·       When reciprocity is appropriate, we will create a written contract [subject to potential time constraints], to clearly outline the expectations and equal exchange made between C.U. and a collaborator/s, to ensure transparency. This will also state to the best of our prior knowledge, the methods of collaboration as well as how the result will be made public and distributed.



·       We feel a moral obligation to be involved in the life of our society, and aim to express the positive impact a collective of individuals can have on the environment and their community, through all of our projects.

·       We believe we all have the potential to thrive, therefor, our Commons recourse creation from knowledge to music, will be accessible online, free for the non-commercial benefit of society as a whole.