to Dec 10

Commune [Desert Pilot]

 We invite you to this experimental gathering to imagine what society could look like to “rip it up and start again” + co-create a sustainable village off-grid.

THEME: How to build a village? Catalysing a 10 year plan.

WHAT: A guided time to COMMUNE with nature and each other; enacting possibilities of creating a ‘Tangible Eutopia’. Finer details will unravel in the moment, while journeying through art + music to deeply engage with the landscape. Performance will play a role in harnessing the spectacle of a dramatic act during community organizing workshops, causing change both temporal + enduring. We will hive each others minds in discussions on alternative building methods, permaculture, water + solar solutions, to societal issues, demonstrating a new vision with simple direct action projects on the land…it takes a village!

There will also be opportunity to scramble vast boulders + soak in the sauna, returning to the City renewed!

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