We’re experimenting with new and ancient ways of existing with each other, including how we share and provide for the common good. The Gift Economy is a precious example of shifting the paradigm away from individualistic, Capitalist approaches to wealth, and instead reassigns value to any gift. It promotes a simple notion that “If you have more than you need, you give to someone who needs it”. Of course this concept is in contrast with Western norms of accumulating, yet perhaps it is one shift that holds untapped power and beauty towards building closer bonds within communities large and small scale.

Hear Charles Eisenstein, Author of Sacred Economics traces our move beyond the individual and the history of money from ancient gift economies to modern capitalism, revealing how our current money system has contributed to alienation, scarcity, destroyed communities and necessitated endless growth out of sync with our planets finite resources. *Here* Charles talks with International Economist, James Quilligan on The Gift Economy + The Commons.

Various resources are required to sustain this project while it transitions into an Art Organisation next year and can seek funding for our community building events and festival COMMUNE. Whether this be books gifted to increase knowledge, providing festival art materials, financial support for day to day costs or a space to stay and write about alternative living. I openly share the gifts in my hands and gratefully receive yours!

Feel free to send ideas or request bank details to

10 Stour Road, Unit 18 Vittoria Wharf, Fish Island E32NT or open the box below..