Structure and Governance

Our voluntary Multi-steakholder Cooperative allows ownership and democratic control by a variety of members who have different relationships with our work, yet who share a common interest in our vision. This includes rebalancing power, traditionally held in hierarchy between owners, consumers, employees etc.

We want to demonstrate a distinct shift away from Capitalist principles, to distribute wealth and power to change culture and impact society from the root upwards. Therefore we are working towards The Commons, an equitable system, whereby people can co-produce and co-govern a resource, in-line with their own and of the planets well-being.

We do this through our chosen dynamic Governance system called Sociocracy, which uses a circular relationship model. Each circle has it’s own distinct role and autonomy to make decisions. Two people from each circle then act as a ‘link,’ who to ensure information is shared throughout the organisation.

Circle roles:

  • Secretary: Takes and disseminates minutes

  • Facilitator: Ensures all voices are heard and time is productive

  • Delegate: ‘Link’ carrying information across circles

  • Leader/Coordinator: Also a ‘link’ carrying information across circles, takes care of logistics and ensures deadlines are met.

Our Mission Circle: Stays focussed on our wider vision and goals, it’s members are drawn from a range of specialist fields, who contribute knowledge and experience towards ensuring our day to day work remains on track with these goals.

Our General Circle: Is made up of two members from each circle, working on every day tasks and maintaining the resource sustainability of the organization.

Our Project Circle: Members hold a closer focus on the design, implementation and evaluation of each project

We have worked with Peer-to Peer organisation Economy For Common Good to form an economic model that aligns with Fair Share principles, valuing all contributions from Stewards, Communities, Members, Prosumers [In relation to producer and consumer to not merely be passive, yet be involved in the creation process].

Our Primary stakeholders are local Communities and the Natural environment, therefore profit from our projects will be collected into a ‘Community Pot’ and ‘Ecology Pot’ to sustain the local needs and projects on the ground.

Sociocracy 101: