Sharing knowledge and resources is one way to actively love our neighbours   local + global.


"Share your candy..."


There are some people you meet and can dive straight into the deep with, awaking from a Christmas party at The Church of Fun in LA, I had one of these fleeting yet meaningful exchanges with Matthew Naimi who was passing through the Artist Community on route back to Detroit. Resonating on values of communal living, art  + sustainability,  I'm excited to reconnect + volunteer with his projects on my next trip through the US...


Matthew Naimi, founder of Recycle Here, Saturday recycling is now a Detroit thing to do. Every week, 800 or so people pile up their cars with cardboard, bottles, plastic and paper bags, newspapers and books and drive them to his facility in New Center. Here, Detroiters are met with brightly coloured street art, great music, and even a community board where they can share their hopes and dreams for Detroit. Evolving from Recycle Here is Licoln Streert Art Park.