We see the depredation of society as an interwoven matrix of issues. We take inspiration from philosophies including Deep Ecology, Land Ethic and Ecology of Mind, which gives us a holistic view of how, side-by-side with communities, we can seek and apply solutions to the social, ecological, economic break-down in a range of geographical contexts; City, Desert, Forest.

  Projects that address the underlying issues of:

•Post-Capitalist modes of production

•Social organization

•Equitable land rights.

Tangible Eutopia is a term we have turned which differs from the idea of a nowhere place ideology of ‘Utopia’. Our work is therefore very much rooted in reality, while encouraging a community to imagine how growth could be different if they were to draw on untapped local genius & natures provisions that already exists in a local neighbourhood.

Utopia? Eutopia?

“Noun. Eutopia (plural Eutopias) A place of ideal well-being, as a practical aspiration”

How do we get there?

By understanding our natural resources; canal, forest, parks,

By valuing our local skills and knowledge

By having access to public and cultural spaces

creating projects or collaborations that bring these 3 together e.g COMMUNE, to result in increased cohesion and resilliance, resonating with a scientific term Socio-Ecological Systems S.E.S “

Elinor Ostrom