We are a Society Benefit Cooperative where Communities and the natural environment as our Primary stakeholders. All profit gets distributed between these two pots.

Our shared philosophy of deep ecology understands Human life as one part of an interconnected ecosystem, which compliments our Fair Share principles, acknowledging not only financial, but multiple value contributions which are usually overlooked within a Capitalist system.

Therefore we aim to make change from the root upwards, from the way we organise ourselves towards implementing truly equitable governance, where all are heard and valued.

We look forward to hearing from you or meeting at our events soon.. In the meantime you can access our Ethical, Health & Safety and Equality policies here.

Contact: create@commonunity.space / 07586621386


Kandice Holmes

Kandice Holmes (Bells) is a musician, photographer and community organiser with a background in Festivals and the music industry. Common Unity was founded initially as a personal art project “as a curious citizen” about how to sustain alternative living, in creative response to the gentrification of her community in Hackney Wick, East London - Save Hackney Wick

The two year journey started with asking “How can art help to shape alternative living, common spaces and sustainable systems for communities to thrive” and has so far led to living with a community off-grid in the Mojave Desert, CA to studying an MA in Design for Cultural Commons and will be a continued exploration.


Philippe Nash

Philippe is an artist making music under the name ‘spiritcake’. His work "drifts beautifully between personal conflicts and the natural world; every piercing rumination on his own emotive state met by a crackle of nightly noise in the far-off distance, a wash of ambience approaching” (Tom Johnson, Goldflakepaint).

Currently working on an album of intimate recordings, he feels very much ‘in service’ to something slightly beyond. The album includes themes of reconciling life in the anthropocene, personal growth through pain, longing for conviviality and soulful connection.

With a particular interested in soul and the realisation of truth, Philippe has been working with his own spiritual emergence, dreamwork and exploring the unconscious and has recently completed his first year of training in Psychosynthesis Foundations on the way to training as a Psychotherapist.

He enjoys drawing on and walking the land and has recently been developing a practice of tree climbing and ‘concerts to the woods’ where he performs to the trees in wild locations wanting to confront and deepen his relationship with nature. He has spent the last few years working in SEN education and is now starting to work with music in the UK prison system holding to a belief in the importance of engaging with the vulnerable and excluded components of ‘human’ not as a duty but as a choice and a way towards healing and fulness.